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Zanzibar Island in Pictures - Africa

The Jubilee Advantage Discover why you should participate in our voluntary service abroad program.
Pictures of Zanzabar, Africa

Destination Kenya
Volunteer overseas or intern Abroad in Kenya Africa.  Apply Now.

Program of the Month The Kenya international Best of Kenya program provides overseas volunteers and interns abroad with wildlife & nature viewing safaris in Kenya, Africa. Apply now.
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Enjoy the Beauty and splendor of Zanzibar, Africa - visit her great parks and sunbath on her expansive beaches
Pictures of Zanzabar, Africa

In addition to volunteer abroad and international internship placement, our Best of Kenya Program offers you 11 days of wildlife safari excursions in Kenya's world famous wildlife parks, teaming with thousands of wild animals, plants and amazing sceneries. Sign up for our  Best of Kenya Programs and gain an experience of a lifetime in East Africa.
Tanzania, Kenya, Africa in Picture

Sign up for the  Tanzania Beach holiday program for lots of fun at the coast of East Africa. You can take a boat ride to Zanzibar or Pemba Islands, swim, dive, tours, snorkel or simply relax on the beach. And you can add jungle safaris to your beach experience with the Tanzania Beach Holiday Plus programs
Tanzania in pictures - take a boat ride
Beach Vacation, Jungle Adventure Safari, Volunteer Placement, International Internship Opportunities in Tanzania, Africa.
At jubileeventures.org we offer excellent  international internship and volunteer opportunities overseas in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. You can also go on exciting Africa safaris, visit famous game reserves, national parks or relax on extensive Tanzanian sandy beaches. You can choose from a 2 days to 10 days African jungle expeditions and beach holidays in Tanzania, East Africa.   Sign up now at jubileeventures.org

United Republic of Tanzania - Experience Vitality in the Land of Peace!

Tanzania, East Africa Map

Tanzania is a large compact of land in Eastern Africa lying between the great lakes namely Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Nyasa and Indian Ocean. Lying just South of the Equator Tanzania comprises of the Mainland and the Island of Zanzibar. The nation has a population of 33.5 million, crosscutting a range of ethnic groups and different nationalities from all corners of the world.

Tanzania is in many ways still representing Authentic Africa. In an age when the world is shrinking through globalisation and advanced technology, whenever more resources are being depleted from the wild lands, there remain a few areas that truly stir this imagination. Tanzania is perhaps the last place left; having steadily defied man’s imprint on the land and still offers safari of magic splendor in its ageless landscape, a canvas of wildlife, wilderness and wonder.

Tanzania is an undiscovered and barely touched unique travel destination in Africa. It is a land of many wonders with unparalleled diversity of fauna and flora. Significant features include Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest permanently snow-capped mountain in Africa, the exotic Islands of Zanzibar, the finest game sanctuaries of Serengeti, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Ruaha, Mikumi, Selous and Mafia marine park. The scenery, topography and very friendly people support the growth of excellent cultural tourism, beach holidays, game hunting, historical and archaeological ventures and some of the best wildlife photographic safaris on the continent.

This is the land of cloves, Tancafe, diamonds, gold, Makonde wood caving artistry and spectacular Tingatinga paintings that evoke images of this young, dynamic and thrusting nation.

On December 9th, 1961 Tanganyika attained independence, and exactly a year later the country became a Republic within the Commonwealth. Zanzibar became independent on December 11th, 1963, but only a month later a popular movement deposed the Sultan and brought into being a Republic. The name Tanzania – was coined from Tanganyika (former name for mainland Tanzania) and Zanzibar, to stand for the union of the two formerly separate states. On April 26th 1964 the two sovereign states joined to form the United Republic of Tanzania with the late Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere as first President and A. Karume Vice President.

Tanzania originally followed a socialistic system of government until late 1970s when it shifted to multiparty democracy. Multipartyism was created to provide a framework for further uniting the energies and allegiances of people of many ethnic communities while allowing the citizens to freely choose by whom they shall be governed.

Tanzania has six major cities and towns: Dar Es Salaam, Arusha, Mbeya, Mwanza, Zanzibar and Mtwara. These towns are major contributors to the Tanzanian economy. Dodoma, which lies some 500 kilometres west of Dar Es Salaam is the new capital of Tanzania. Dar Es Salaam is the largest city, a seaport and a commercial center. 

Dar Es Salaam

The “HAVEN OF PEACE” formerly was the capital city of Tanzania, but after moving the capital to Dodoma, the city remained as the commercial centre. This is also the main Sea Port and the centre of the Coastal Circuit. It lies astride the most beautiful harbour in Africa and one of the most natural harbours in the world in which ancient dhows sail among tankers and liners.

Raised from the humble surroundings of a fishing village just over a century ago, Dar Es Salaam is now a bustling city with a population of over three million inhabitants. Besides the beach, Dar es Salaam has the following interesting places to visit: The National Museum, Mnazi Mmoja Park, Kariakoo Market, Nyumba ya Sanaa and Museum Village.

Discover the wonders of the world’s most recently discovered precious gemstone – “Tanzanite”. At one thousand times more rare that diamonds, Tanzanite – which ranges in colour from rich royal blues to delicate hues of violet – is the rarest gem of all! Found only in the foothills of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.


Arusha is the safari capital of Tanzania, a bustling, vibrant city and the major urban center in the Northeastern part of Tanzania. Masai morans/warriors in full regalia stroll the streets, mingling with tourists.

Arusha is the headquarters of the East African Community and a number of regional headoffices including the Rwanda Genocide Tribunal. The curio markets crammed between the Clock Tower and India Road are filled with high quality crafts, and are far much cheaper than the curio shops outside of town.

The primary industry of the region is agriculture, with large vegetable and flower producers sending high-quality produce to Europe. Small-scale agriculture was badly hit by the coffee crisis of recent years and is now largely subsistence farming. Arusha has several factories including a brewery, tire and fiberboard plant, and pharmaceuticals. Tourism is one of the principal industries, with the city playing host to numerous safari companies, hotels and lodges.

Among Arusha's notable districts are the Central Business Area, located by the Clocktower, Sekei in the North-West which is largely residential with a vibrant nightlife, Njiro, a rapidly-growing suburb in the South, and Tengeru, a lively market-town in the East.

Arusha has a lively music scene, notably Tanzanian hip hop, blending Maasai and Swahili influences with western music, locally known as Bongo Flava.

Within the city, omnibuses are the regular mode of transport. Arusha is served by Kilimanjaro International Airport, some 60km East, approximately half-way to Moshi. The airport provides international and domestic flights. Arusha Airport is a small domestic airport in the West of the city. There are no passenger train services to or from Arusha but there are regular coaches (buses) to Dodoma and Dar Es Salaam and Nairobi, Kenya.


The Islands of Ungunja and Pemba, collectively known as Zanzibar are loacted in the Indian ocean about two hours ferry ride from Dar es Salaaam. Fishing and agriculture and tourism are the foundations of the local economy. Cloves along with coconut products and spices are a major export earner while tourism is the primary foreign exchange earner.

Although many residents of Zanzibar are Moslems, there is a significant proportion of Christians, Hindus and people of other faiths. Zanzibar experiences warm tropical climate, with high temperatures and humidity all the year round.

Zanzibar is a tourist’s paradise, with lots of old architectural sites to behold, warm quiet waters to swim, dive or snorkel in, wetland ecosystems, spice farms, expansive and white sandy beaches and a most friendly people. Among the Islands attractions are: Zanzibar’s old town also known as Stone Town, features important sights such as the House of Wonders; the Palace Museum (People's Palace); Dr Livingstone's House; and the Arab Fort. Stone town is also famous for its bustling market, winding alleyways, ornately carved and studded doors. 

Zanzibar is Africa’s home of spices and lots of spice farms and gardens abound on this Island. Cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and many other spices are grown in the Island.

Karibu (welcome to) Tanzania!

Volunteer abroad or Intern overseas in Kenya. Go volunteering for an entire Gap year in Africa
Zanzibar Africa in Picture

Tanzania internships and voluntary service  placement opportunities include:

-Teach Abroad Tanzania

- African Childrens Orphanage

Volunteer with HIV/AIDs Support

Medical Volunteer Africa

Dental Volunteer Africa

Nature Conservation Volunteer

Zanzibar in Picture, African Mangroves

What is Provided:
Accommodation is covered by specially selected local host families.

Breakfast and dinner provided.

Vegetarian meals provided with prior request.

Internships in Tanzania Mainland The Tanzania cultural and language program allows you to interact with people from various Tanzanian communities
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The Zanzibar culture program takes you to stone town. Marvel at Zanzibar's  narrow labyrinth streets
Zanzibar Africa in Picture

Tanzania Adventure Safaris Tours. Tanzania and East Africa's vast and world famous wildlife parks abound with thousands of wild animals, plants and amazing sceneries. Sign up for our  Adventure programs and create memories that  you will treasure  forever.  
Tanzania, Kenya, Africa in Picture

East Africa in pictures - kenyan coast
The Kenya Beach holiday program takes you to the Kenyan Coast. You can swim, dive, tours, snorkel or simply relax on the beach. You can also add jungle safaris to your beach experience with the  Kenya Beach Holiday Plus programs
The famous Cheeter
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At jubileeventures.org our international volunteer opportunities overseas in Tanzania are excellent. You can also spice up your intern experience overseas and volunteer travel abroad in Tanzania, Africa, with great jungle safaris and beach holidays, at jubileeventures.org. Sign up now for affordable, quality volunteer abroad, international  internships and overseas Gap Year expeditions in Tanzania Africa with jubileeventures.org

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