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The Kenya Adventure programs take you to world famous wildlife national parks. Marvel at Kenya's natural beauty
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Volunteer overseas or intern Abroad in Zanzibar Island at a discounted special offer. Apply Now.
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Our Best of Kenya adventure program provides Africa volunteers and interns abroad in Kenya with wildlife & nature viewing for 11 days. .Apply now.

Volunteer abroad or Intern overseas on Zanzibar Island
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The Kenya Beach holiday program takes you to the Kenyan Coast. You can swim, dive, tours, snorkel or simply relax on the beach. You can also add jungle safaris to your beach experience with the Kenya Beach Holiday Plus programs
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Volunteer Abroad Opportunities in Kenya, Africa.
At jubileeventures.org we offer excellent  international internship and volunteer opportunities overseas in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. You can also enhance your volunteer abroad and internship overseas travel in Kenya, Africa, with exciting jungle safaris and lots of voluntary work abroad plus gap year overseas internship projects to choose from. Sign up now at jubileeventures.org

Information on Kenya
Kenya Map, East Africa

Most of the pictures you have seen on Africa, the extensive grasslands interspersed with acacia trees, the wildlife and the Maasai, were most likely taken in Kenya. 

Situated in East Africa, Kenya is the key player in economics in the East and Central Africa region. It is in many ways one of the most splendid countries in the continent of Africa. It is well known for its game parks, wildlife safaris, archaeological sites and international award winning athletes. These attractions aside, Kenya has a rich cultural, ethnic and religious diversity with more than 42 major ethnic communities.

Kenya is a low income country with average annual income (purchasing power) per person of about 1600 US dollars and a population of about 34 million people and a growth rate of about 1.6 percent per year. 

The majority of Kenyans live in Rural areas and most of the rural population is poor. The country is very diverse, with the highly urban city of Nairobi whose sky line is considered one of the most spectacular in Africa on one end, and the arid and semi arid parts of the country such as the Samburu plains on the other. 

The Kenyan Economy

The Kenyan economy is composed of medium sized to big multinationals and indigenous corporations on one hand and relatively smaller but significant “informal” micro-enterprises on the other, playing a role in creating a truly dualistic economy. This dual is characteristic of a number of economies in Africa, south of the Sahara desert.

Both English and Swahili (or Kiswahili as it is called in East Africa) are official languages in Kenya. Virtually everyone speaks Swahili; may be the first words you get to hear while in Kenya will be Habari or Jambo, both of which mean hello, and Karibu, which means welcome. As a country, Kenya is quite peaceful and you will often hear both foreigners and locals say Hakuna Matata meaning there is no problem. 

Nairobi, Kenya's Capital

Nairobi is the capital and biggest city in Kenya with a population of about 2.5 million. It hosts the headquarters to a number of regional and global international development organizations, international donors and business corporations. 

The city has a larger assortment of urban attractions than any other in the region. You will be posted no further than 120 km from Nairobi and can visit the city during your free time and weekends. Public transport is good in Kenya and you can use it to visit the city and other places or you can hire a car at about USD 70.00 per day excluding the cost of fuel. 

Other Major Cities

Other major Cities in Kenya include coastal and historic Mombasa, Nakuru and Eldoret in the great Rift Valley and Kisumu on the shores of western Kenya’s lake Victoria, Africa’s largest inland water body. Amazing Landscape

Predominantly Arid Country

Although the size of Kenya is only about 583,000 sq kilometers (225,000 sq miles), over 80% of the country is arid and semi-arid. The country' geographical diversity is amazing ranging from the snow capped peaks of Mt. Kenya and the surprisingly cool Central highlands to the Great Rift Valley plains with their multiple lakes; from the low lying plains adjacent to Lake Victoria (the worlds second largest fresh water body) to the seemingly unending plains of Amboseli, Tsavo and Mara National Parks that abound with wildlife, the country’s landscape is nothing but fascinating. 

Kenya Invites You

The geographical, cultural, and economic diversity of the country, makes Kenya ideal for travel and tours, voluntary work and study. There are unlimited opportunities for exercising your skills, stretching your limits, and learning of a world that is different from your own, yet most superb.

You will be enchanted by Kenya’s hard working, friendly and hospitable people and thrilled by the landscape and wild life. At the same time you will share in the joy of knowing that you have made a difference in the some ones life. Our program will give you the experience of a lifetime. It will transform your outlook of the world around you. For pictures of Kenya, follow this link

The Jubilee Advantage Discover why you should participate in our program.
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Kenya internships and voluntary service  placement opportunities include:

-Teach Abroad Kenya

- African Childrens Orphanage

Volunteer with HIV/AIDs Support

Medical Volunteer Africa
Dental Volunteer Africa

Nature Conservation Volunteer

Volunteer with Animals 

Tanzania in Picture, Kenya, Africa

What is Provided:
Accommodation is covered by the fees and is provided by specially selected local host families.

Excellent hostel accommodation can be arranged at extra a cost.

Breakfast and dinner provided.

Vegetarian meals provided with prior request.

The Kenya cultural and language program allows you to interact with people from various Kenyan communities
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At jubileeventures.org our international volunteer opportunities overseas in Kenya are excellent. You can also spice up your intern experience overseas and volunteer travel abroad in Kenya, Africa, with great jungle safaris and beach holidays, at jubileeventures.org. Sign up now for affordable, quality volunteer abroad, international  internships and overseas Gap Year expeditions in Kenya Africa with jubileeventures.org

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