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You can combine wildlife volunteer placement in Kenya with other volunteer projects or even holiday adventure programs like the Kenya Beach holiday program. The Beach program  takes you to the Kenyan Coast. You can swim, dive, tour, snorkel or simply relax on the beach. You can also add jungle safaris to your beach experience with the Kenya Beach Holiday Plus programs
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Kenya Wildlife Study & Conservation Projects

Jubileeventures.org offers you the opportunity of a lifetime to work with wildlife in Kenya's Amboseli and Tsavo West National parks. This program is open to people aged 18-55, who love to work with animals, and want a real jungle experience in Africa. International volunteers, interns and independent study abroad students attached to this program can choose to work mainly with elephants or lions, or both animal species, in the buffer zones of Kenya's famous wildlife protection areas.

The Kenya Elephant Conservation Project

Study Abroad Elephants of Kenya

Elephants normally require huge swaths of land for foraging and watering. Competition between humans and animals forces the elephant to move into areas adjacent protected parks creating conflict with the human population. Varying elephant migratory patterns have made it hard to acquire data showing the distribution, numbers, etc; data that can be used in conservation and wildlife management efforts. read on...

The Kenya Lion Conservation Project

Lions of Rombo Kenya

Lion numbers have continued to decline in and around Kenya's wildlife protected areas due to diverse reasons including conflict with humans and competition with other carnivores. Yet the Lion is an important species as it is a top predator, affecting the numbers of its prey and competitor species. This project will support conservation efforts by documenting the status of the lion in the Rombo area, as this remains one of the few areas in which there are lions living in relatively harmony with the community. read on...

Accommodation and Logistics
Unless otherwise provided, three local meals per day are provided as is daily transportation to and from work. All our African wildlife volunteers and interns are accommodated in camping tents within the project area. International volunteers and interns abroad with wildlife projects are required to bring their own warm sleeping bag - a foam mattresses is provided.

Arrival Dates
  • Elephant Project: 16th of every month;
  • Lion Project: 3rd of every month.
  • Combined Wildlife Placement: Arrive on either of the two dates.
  • Combined with non-wildlife programs/projects - Arrival on 1st or 3rd Wednesday of every month.  
For other logistics - click here.
To read more about the lion conservation project, click here. To read about the elephant conservation project, click here. For questions specific to wildlife projects, click here.
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At jubileeventures.org our international volunteer opportunities overseas in Kenya are excellent. You can also spice up your intern experience overseas and volunteer travel abroad in Kenya, Africa, with great jungle safaris and beach holidays, at jubileeventures.org. Sign up now for affordable, quality volunteer abroad, international  internships and overseas Gap Year expeditions in Kenya Africa with jubileeventures.org

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