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Stories from past international  volunteers
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The Kenya Adventure programs take you to world famous wildlife national parks. Marvel at Kenya's natural beauty
safari Maasai Mara adventure

Affordable Airline tickets to Africa
Somak Travel
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The Zanzibar culture program takes you to stone town. Marvel at Zanzibar's  narrow labyrinth streets
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Internships in Tanzania Mainland The Tanzania cultural and language program allows you to interact with people from various Tanzanian communities
The famous Cheeter

East Africa in pictures - kenyan coast
The Kenya Beach holiday program takes you to the Kenyan Coast. You can swim, dive, tours, snorkel or simply relax on the beach. You can also add jungle safaris to your beach experience with the  Kenya Beach Holiday Plus programs
The famous Cheeter

Volunteer overseas  to teach English and other subjects to African children. Plant a seed of a lifetime
Tanzania, Kenya, Africa in Picture

Tanzania Adventure Safaris Tours. Tanzania and East Africa's vast and world famous wildlife parks abound with thousands of wild animals, plants and amazing sceneries. Sign up for our  Adventure programs and create memories that  you will treasure  forever.  
Tanzania, Kenya, Africa in Picture

The Kenya cultural and language program allows you to interact with people from various Kenyan communities
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Volunteer and Internship Placement Opportunities Abroad in Africa.
jubileeventures.org we offer excellent international internships and volunteer opportunities in many areas of interest in the East African countries of  Kenya, Mainland Tanzania, and the Island of  Zanzibar. You can also enhance your volunteer travel in the East African countries with exciting jungle safaris and lots of voluntary work abroad plus Gap Year overseas internship projects to choose from. Sign up now at. jubileeventures.org

The following answers apply to most questions you may have concerning our programs in Africa. For  general answers to questions concerning all our Africa programs please read on. For more specific answers to questions concerning programs in any one country please click on any link below.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What support does the program provide me in planning my travel?

Ans. We provide all applicants with a pre-travel orientation brochure that thoroughly answers your questions ranging from the weather, mode of dressing, culture and visa etc. Once you have submitted an application, we will provide you with this information. Also this FAQS page is meant to answer most of your questions.

Q. When is the best time to participate in your programs?

Ans. Any time is just as good. Different times are preferred for different countries -do check the specific country FAQ page for this.

Q. When is the deadline for applying to the program?

Ans. Normally you need preferably two months but at least a months in advance to be able to buy tickets at a reasonable fee, get any vaccines and generally make yourself ready. Some people do apply and travel in 2 weeks though, but that’s really pushing it.

Q. When do the programs begin?

Ans. Specific arrival/beginning dates are provided on the fees page. They are normally the First and Third Wednesday's of each month.

Q. Can I arrive on another date?

Ans. We do made adjustments within the range of a day or so in very extreme cases but we need all participants to arrive on the set dates to ease the running of the programs.

Q. What Airport should I fly to?

Ans.f you are flying to Kenya, the airport is Nairobi (International Airport Code is NBO). If you are flying to Tanzania mainland (Moshi and Arusha) the airport is, Kilimanjaro, (International Airport Code is JRO). And If you are flying to Zanzibar, the airport is Zanzibar (International Airport Code is ZNZ), if flying to Dar es salaam, the airport is Dar es Salaam (code DAR).

Q. Where can I read about the experience of other people who have participated in your programs?

Ans. You can go to the stories page - click here.

Q. What are your program fees like?

Ans. Fees vary a lot depending on the program that you select. Generally for a one week stay, fees start at  USD 349. Generally  beyond the first four weeks, our fees are set at USD 100 per week. Fees for the one week language and culture program are USD 250. For specific  information on our fees please go to our Program fees page.

Q. Can I pay the fees using my school credit loan or scholarship?

Ans. Some students have done that in the past. It all depends on the support they get from their school. If your school will accept your internship or volunteer work for school credits, then they will normally allow you to use the loan or scholarship as if you were taking the classes at school.

Q. What currency should I bring with me?

Ans. The currency that are most widely accepted are the Great Britain Pounds (GBP); United States Dollars (USD); Canadian Dollars (CAD) and the Euro. The most widely accepted travelers checks are Great Britain Pounds (GBP) and United States Dollars (USD).

You can change either USD or GBP to local currency at the airport or in the major cities of East Africa. 

If you bring Travelers Checks do remember to carry the paperwork (bank receipts) otherwise you wont be able to use them as the changers will reject them for fear that they might be stolen or fake. 

Most bank ATMs will also be able to give you money from your VISA DEBIT card.

Q. How should I distribute my money between Travelers Checks and Cash?

Ans. We suggest a 50-50 distribution to provide you with ease of changing and accessing money.

Q. How much money should I bring for my personal expenses?

The amount of money you bring depends on you. Most in-country transport to and from project will cost you about USD 1.00 a day. A meal will cost between USD 1.30 and  USD 13.00. Most participants can live on USD 25 a week (USD 100 a month) for out of pocket expenses. A weekend getaway  in one of the cities will cost you about USD 400.

Q. How do I make payment? 

Please see the  item on Making payments at the base of  the  fees page of our website.

Q. Can I pay for the program by installment?

Ans. You can pay bit by bit till you complete the payment. But all fees must be paid by the date of your scheduled arrival in the country of placement.

Q. When do I have to pay for the program?  

Ans. The Registration Fee is due once your placement details have been sent to you. Payment of the Registration Fee signifies your serious commitment to participate in the program and enables us to reserve placement for you. 

The balance of the fees are due one one month before your scheduled arrival date. For more information on this question, please check the Program fees page.

Q. Does the fee you charge cover air-fares?

Ans. No. Please go to the fees page to find out what the fee does and/or does not cover.

Q. Does the fee you charge cover pickup and drop off at the airport?

Ans. The fees cover pickup from the airport only. Our experience with participants is that they prefer to arrange their own drop off so they can be flexible with time. We provide planning assistance in arranging drop off for any participant who requests us. 

Q. How big does a group have to be to be considered for group discounts? 

Ans.  Two or more people coming together are considered to be a group.

Q. Do you provide sponsorship to those participating in your program?

Unfortunately No. But we would love to share with them  great ideas we have gathered from other participants on fund raising.

Q. Do you have paid internships or volunteer placement?

Ans. Unfortunately No. 

Q. Do you have internship abroad opportunities. 

Ans. Yes, for internship placement, please go to the internships page.

Q. I am an Egyptian living in England, can I participate in your programs?
Ans. Yes. Our programs are open to people from all countries of origin and residence.

Q. I am 17 years of age. Am I too young to participate in your programs?

Ans. Yes and No. Our entry age for unaccompanied persons is 18. We allow persons younger than 18 to participate in our programs under certain circumstance, such as if they are part of a group, are accompanied by a sibling/family member, etc.  Please contact us if you are under 18 and would like to participate in our programs.

Q. Can I combine programs eg Language and Culture with another program? 

Ans.  Yes, provision for selecting program combinations are  provided in the application form.

Q. If I take the Language and culture program, will I need an extra one or more weeks to participate?

Ans.  Yes. Although this program only offered in combination with other programs, it is a separate program that takes one week. There is no overlap between the programs

Q. If I want to participate in the Basic/Standard volunteer program for 4 weeks plus the language and culture program for 1 week, will my placement be for 5 weeks?

Ans. Yes your total placement time will be 5 weeks. But if you only have 3 weeks available, you could put the first two into the L & C program  and the last 1 in the Basic volunteer program.

Q. Can I spend less than a month with your programs? 

Ans.  Yes you can spend  a minimum of 1 week with our programs. Fee free to email as with a request if you need this kind of arrangement.

Q How many participants will there be when I arrive?

Ans. The number of participants depends on time of the year; about  5-15 per project in summer and 1 - 5  in  other months.

Q. Where will I live during my time in your program?

Ans. You will live with a host family. There may be one more participant living with the same family as you or it may just be you alone depending on when you want to participate.

Q. How is accommodation like?

Ans. In order to maintain low fees for our clients, accommodation is provided by host families who are carefully selected from among respected members of society and in such as way as to ensure maximum security and comfort for our clients. If you would rather stay at a hostel or hotel that can be arranged with costs borne independently by you.

Q. What are the living conditions like?

In order to maintain low fees for our clients, accommodation is provided by host families who are carefully selected from among respected members of society and in such as way as to ensure maximum security and comfort for our clients. If you would rather stay at a hostel or hotel that can be arranged with costs borne independently by you.

Living conditions are average for developing countries but vary from house to house. On average there will be no running water in the house but there will be electricity most of the time. Piped/faucet water will most likely be available on site, just outside the house. You will be provided your own room or one shared with other volunteers/interns of the same gender.

Q. What is the food like?

East African foods include chapatti – more like tortilla made from wheat flour; pilaf rice;  rice and beans, a mash of plantains, meats - chicken, beef, goat, sheep etc. Vegetarian foods can be arranged.

Q.  What meals are provided?

Three local home meals  are provided when you are at home whether it be during week days or week ends. During the work week while you are away from home, breakfast and dinner will be provided at home. You can buy your own lunch at local commercial eateries - the price is reasonable, about USD 1 for a snack lunch and about USD 3 for fast food lunch.

Q. Can I get in touch with my family if there is an emergency back home.

Ans. Yes. You can pay to call your home or write an email to your family. There will be an Internet café in a city close to where you live and you can get there by bus. You can also call at the local postal service office. You host will most likely have a phone that you can pay to use.

Q. How much do I need to pay for a visa and how do I get one?

We provide all our participating applicants with all this information. Any traveler in East Africa can stay on a tourist visa for 3 months at $50 US dollars. You can get the tourist visa at the Kenya or Tanzanian embassy in your country. 

Q. Will I be safe in East Africa?

Zanzibar, Tanzania Mainland and Kenya are peaceful and safe countries. Millions of people travel to these countries every year.  As with any other country, isolated incidences of crime are reported mainly in the cities, but crime is rare in rural areas where you will be located.

Q. I want to participate in your volunteer teaching abroad program, do I have to go through the teaching orientation? 

Ans.  Yes, the teaching orientation is aimed at providing you with some basic but necessary teaching skills that will enable you perform your duties well in the local school environment. 

Q. What if I already have teaching qualifications or experience? do I still have to go through the teaching orientation? 

Ans.  Your teaching orientation may be shortened depending on your proven qualifications and/or experience but you will still need some assistance to get familiar with the local teaching environment. The teaching orientation takes about a week although it is more of an in-service orientation.

Q. Suppose I plan on coming with a group but end up coming alone, do I still get the group discount? 

Ans. Unfortunately we will not be able to give a discount in such cases. The discount is supported by the possibility of lowering costs when we work with groups, this possibility is lost when you end up coming as an individual.

Q. I need to attend church on Saturday. Please let me know if your programs require me to be working on Saturday?

Ans. You will not have to work on Sunday or Saturday. Our program participants have weekends off all the time, they do not work over the weekends at all.  If you need to be absent from work on any other day on a regular basis, we can arrange for that. But you will need to inform us in advance. Unless otherwise arranged with our office, absence from work within the pre-agreed work week, has to be arranged with staff at the project site.

Q. How many hours per day do I have to work?

Ans. All our programs, require between a minimum of two and generally between 3 and 8 hours of work per day. If you want a smaller daily work load, please contact us. One can work for up to 8 hours if they wish.

Q. I have a group of  high school students and  teens I lead in my community/church/school and would want to bring them for a trip with your program -  would you have provision for them? 

Ans. High school students and teens who have reached the age of sixteen can come on their own. We do prepare special packages for high school students  and teens under the age of sixteen who must be accompanied by adult leaders or supervisors. Please contact us to for further details.

Q. Is this program affiliated to any religious organization?

Ans. No.  We do work with both secular and religious organizations but are not affiliated to any.

Q. I would like my internship to be counted for college credits at my school.

Ans. Whether the internship will transfer to credit depends on your school requirements. We suggest you ask your school what they need to make the internship transfer into credits, let us know and we will tell you if we can do it - we are not a school and so don't offer the internship for credit but we do supervise students and grade their reports so they can qualify for credits at their schools. We have done it for students before but each school is unique.

Q. I would like to come with my friend and be placed with them the whole time that we will be in the program. Is that possible?

Ans. Members of the same sex can be placed in the same project and with the same host family. But most of the time culture doesn't allow unmarried people of different sexes to be put together under the same host. 

We might be able to place you together depending on the project. Do write us and inquire. In the worst case scenario we can place you in the same area with host families about 5-10 minutes walking distance apart and you can work at the same place. We will normally put you under the same project placement.

Q. Will my money and valuables be safe at my host home?

Ans. We have had no reason to believe that your monies will not be safe. We do encourage you however to take the necessary precaution to safeguard your monies and personal properties, as we cannot be held responsible for any loses. Some of the precautions you could take include locking your bedroom when you are out of the house; not leaving your valuables exposed when you are outside the room; no inviting people to your room unnecessarily, etc.

Q. What gift can I bring for my host family, school or orphanage?

Ans. Suitable gifts include t-shirts, mugs, a family oriented movie DVD or CD; coloring pencils and books for kids; balls for games and other sports equipments for kids and schools etc

Q. I would like to send books to the school/orphanage that I will be placed at - can I do that?

Ans. Yes, ask us for the address please.

Q. I would like to participate for more than 6 months, is that possible?

Ans. It is possible to do so in some cases. In other cases though, we are unable to provide you with placement that will last longer than 3 months in any one country. In such cases we would consider placing you for about 24 weeks in Kenya and another 24 weeks in Zanzibar and/or Tanzania Mainland. The two countries are neighbors and you can easily get to one from the other. Kindly asks us how to go about this if you need to, and we will assist you.

Q. My Visa Processing in the city of entry will take time - will someone wait for me?

Ans. You are strongly encouraged to process your visa before arrival in East Africa to avoid undue delays and complications at the airport of arrival. If you must process your visa at the airport,  ask for a tourists visa, which is faster to process. The visa process at the airport will normally take at 30 minutes to 2 hours. If we know that you will be getting visas at the airport our party will wait for you longer - but you need to let us know in advance.

Q. Can you book me a hotel since I will be arriving earlier than the scheduled arrival date?

Ans. If you want us to book a hotel for you we can do that - it will mean though that weather you spend a night there or not you will have to refund us the cost of that hotel accommodation since the hotels wont refund it.

If that is what you want, please let us know and we will go ahead. We can also give you telephone numbers of a few hotels that you can call up from the airport so if you don't find us you go ahead and call them up for accommodation - some of them will provide airport pickup too. Simply let us know.

Q. Suppose I have begun the program and I decide I dont like the whole program or some parts of it any longer. Can I cancel and  get a refund of my money.

Ans. As a rule and as is common with service providing organizations like your school, we will generally not be able to give you a refund once the program has started. Some circumstances under which we can give you some refund and the amount of such a refund are provided in the terms of service that will be availed to you once you submit an application and before you sign up for the program so you have enough time to make up your mind.

Q. Who are your sponsors?

Ans. We have no regular international or local sponsors although we may secure grant for the communities we work with. Our community support funding comes from member contributions and the fees we charge for our programs.

For further discussion on these or other questions, please contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you. Apply now!

The Jubilee Advantage Discover why you should participate in our program.
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Africa internships and voluntary service  placement opportunities include:

Volunteer Teaching Africa

Africa Volunteer with Children

Africa Medical Volunteer Work

Dental Voluntary Service Africa

Nature Conservation Volunteering

Volunteering with HIV & AIDS in Africa

Volunteering with Animals in Africa

Tanzania in Picture, Kenya, Africa

In addition to volunteer abroad and international internship placement, our Best of Kenya Program offers you 11 days of wildlife safari excursions in Kenya's world famous wildlife parks, teaming with thousands of wild animals, plants and amazing sceneries. Sign up for our  Best of Kenya Programs and gain an experience of a lifetime in East Africa.
Tanzania, Kenya, Africa in Picture

Latest Destination
Volunteer overseas or intern Abroad in Zanzibar Island. Snorkel, swim, play with dolphins at a discounted special offer. Apply Now.
Tanzania, Kenya, Africa in Picture

Take your Gap Year abroad to do an nature conservation volunteer service in Kenya. Work to conserve endangered birds, wildlife and forests in Kenya, Africa
Tanzania, Kenya, Africa in Picture

Sign up for the  Tanzania Beach holiday program for lots of fun at the coast of East Africa. You can take a boat ride to Zanzibar or Pemba Islands, swim, dive, tours, snorkel or simply relax on the beach. And you can add jungle safaris to your beach experience with the Tanzania Beach Holiday Plus programs
Tanzania in pictures - take a boat ride

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At jubileeventures.org our international volunteer opportunities overseas in Africa are excellent. You can also spice up your intern experience overseas and volunteer travel abroad in Africa, with great jungle safaris and beach holidays, at jubileeventures.org. Sign up now for affordable, quality volunteer abroad, international  internships and overseas Gap Year expeditions in East Africa with jubileeventures.org

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