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Stories from past international  volunteers
Zanzibar Island in Pictures - Africa

The Kenya Adventure programs take you to world famous wildlife national parks. Marvel at Kenya's natural beauty
safari Maasai Mara adventure

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The Zanzibar culture program takes you to stone town. Marvel at Zanzibar's  narrow labyrinth streets
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Internships in Tanzania Mainland The Tanzania cultural and language program allows you to interact with people from various Tanzanian communities
The famous Cheeter

The Kenya Beach holiday program takes you to the Kenyan Coast. You can swim, dive, tours, snorkel or simply relax on the beach. You can also add jungle safaris to your beach experience with the  Kenya Beach Holiday Plus programs
The famous Cheeter

Volunteer overseas  to teach English and other subjects to African children. Plant a seed of a lifetime
Tanzania, Kenya, Africa in Picture

Tanzania Adventure Safaris Tours. Tanzania and East Africa's vast and world famous wildlife parks abound with thousands of wild animals, plants and amazing sceneries. Sign up for our  Adventure programs and create memories that  you will treasure  forever.  
Tanzania, Kenya, Africa in Picture
Volunteer Abroad, Intern Overseas in Africa With Jubileeventures.org

Please complete this webform to contact us for you year out Abroad, year out Africa, volunteer international community service,
overseas internships Kenya, internship  Africa, internships Tanzania, volunteer and internships in Uganda, Zanzibar overseas projects, opportunities for summer volunteer adventure in East Africa and much more; or if you have any unanswered questions about our programs in Africa!

How The Application Process Works.

Step 1. When we receive your submitted application request form (below), we will send you and application form which you will complete and email to us.

Step 2. We will process your application and provide you with  information on what programs and project(s) would be available for you.

Step 3. You get to review the offer and email us telling us that you like the offer or you would like us to make some changes. You can also ask us any questions you may have. We will make any changes requested (as much as possible) and update you.

Step 4. If you like your offer, you go ahead and pay your registration fee (USD 349) and reserve your placement. We will provide you with a link to our detailed program information including a Travel Guide  with information on visa, travel arrangements and much of what  you may need to do prepare for travel – your “safari” to Africa has now begun! 

Step 5. We will keep on working with you as you prepare to travel, answering any questions you may have until you finally travel to and return home from Africa. 

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The Jubilee Advantage Discover why you should participate in our program.
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Africa internships and voluntary service  placement opportunities include:

Volunteer Teaching Africa

Africa Volunteer with Children

Africa Medical Volunteer Work

Dental Voluntary Service Africa

Nature Conservation Volunteering

Volunteering with HIV & AIDS in Africa

Volunteering with Animals in Africa

Tanzania in Picture, Kenya, Africa

In addition to volunteer abroad and international internship placement, our Best of Kenya Program offers you 11 days of wildlife safari excursions in kenyas world famous wildlife parks, teaming with thousands of wild animals, plants and amazing scenaries. Sign up for our  Best of Kenya Programs and gain an experience of a lifetime in East Africa.
Tanzania, Kenya, Africa in Picture

Latest Destination
Volunteer overseas or intern Abroad in Zanzibar Island. Snorkel, swim, play with dolphins at a discounted special offer. Apply Now.
Tanzania, Kenya, Africa in Picture

Take your Gap Year abroad to do an nature conservation volunteer service in Kenya. Work to conserve endangered birds, wildlife and forests in Kenya, Africa
Tanzania, Kenya, Africa in Picture

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At jubileeventures.org our international volunteer opportunities overseas in Africa are excellent. You can also spice up your intern experience overseas and volunteer travel abroad in Africa, with great jungle safaris and beach holidays, at jubileeventures.org. Sign up now for affordable, quality volunteer abroad, international  internships and overseas Gap Year expeditions in East Africa with jubileeventures.org

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